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Birth Of A Nation

The American Village in Montevallo, Alabama

Montevallo, Alabama

The American village in Montevallo, Alabama promises to be one of the best experiences you can give your students! This campus was designed by a former teacher and a prominent, local architect to depict life in Colonial America. Programs at The American Village fully immerse your students and will give them a deeper, more rich understanding of our Nation’s founding. Liberty, the premier educational program at the American village, tells the story of how and why America is free. Students are fully engaged with six vignettes featuring critical moments in the struggle for American independence. Students will express their position as patriots during the Stamp Act Rally, they will vote on the Virginia Resolves as delegates to the Virginia Convention, and represent their states at the Constitutional Convention. They will respond to the call of the Continental Army and muster with Washington’s troops. They may even encounter a Redcoat on their way to deliver a secret message to Paul Revere. This is an experience your students will not soon forget!

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