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Lookout Mountain, Georgia Trip

“Lookout” BEEELOW!!

Students will travel to Lookout Mountain, Georgia for an awesome adventure of discovery! Just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lookout Mountain holds a wealth of teaching points that connect directly to the grade level science standards.

Incline Railway
Lookout Mountain, GA

Students will begin their day trip to Lookout Mountain by riding the Incline Railway to the top of the mountain. This railway is an amazing 73.4% grade (almost straight up!). Once at the top of the mountain, students will take a guided tour of Rock City.

Rock City
Lookout Mountain, GA

“See Rock City” signs were once painted on Barns across America as a brilliant marketing campaign to bring tourists to Lookout Mountain. The distinct signs swept the nation from Michigan to Texas. Nowadays, the unimaginable beauty of Rock City, and impressive findings, make it a household name. Once students reach Rock City, they will investigate geological findings and will learn to describe observations while investigating the various types of rock and plant life. After lunch at the Big Rock Grill, students will take a guided tour of Ruby Falls cave.

Ruby Falls Cave
Lookout Mountain, GA

Before departing for home, students will have the chance to travel back in time while they go deep inside Lookout Mountain to Ruby Falls cave. This cave was formed over 200 million years ago, and is home to the 145 foot high Ruby Falls. Students will get an unforgettable look at how the Earth was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. During this exploration, students will have the chance to see how stalactites, stalagmites and various minerals found in underground caves are formed and will discover how water is present in all of Earth’s processes.

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