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Sherman’s March through History

Sherman’s “March to the Sea” is one of the most storied campaigns during the Civil War. Kennesaw Mountain played a major role in Georgia’s capture by Union forces. Your day in Kennesaw, where over 67,000 soldiers died during this campaign, will pay homage to the Civil War and help us to better understand this important period of our Nation’s history.

Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

The day starts at The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum, for a deep investigation into the causes and consequences of our divided nation during the Civil War. Your students will experience galleries of original weapons, civilian items, uniforms, and much more as they learn about the life of a Civil War soldier and witness a live musket demonstration.

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield

Your students will travel to one of the most important battlegrounds in Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. While at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, your students will be given the opportunity for an enriching study into the program of your choice (life as a Civil War soldier, hygiene during the Civil War, or life as a child during the Civil War).

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